(another side of jane chin)

This is experimental creative non-fiction, where I played with contrast, comparisons, and chronology. You'll have to experience it by reading it. (3510 words) 2011.

"...her husband had filled out a form and wrote 'Homemaker' as her occupation (she used to work as an accountant). 'Can you believe it!''" (1203 words) 2011.

"Today is one of those mornings when I know as soon as I've started the car that I should have gone to the bathroom first, but then we are already late for getting Little Boy to school" (474 words) 2011.

Another experimental creative non-fiction using multiple links of narrative chains. I hand-wrote the full draft on the 4-hour plane ride home from the keynote speaking trip. (4328 words) 2011.

"We are rewriting Fables. The hare beats the tortoise and wins the race. The farmer who killed the goose that laid the golden eggs gets rich by selling futures against golden eggs in the market..." (472 words) 2011.

A rare flash fiction piece. Flash because less than 500 words. Rare because I don't write fiction. (486 words) 2011.

This piece was adapted for a speech that was awarded 2nd place in Toastmasters District 1 International Speech Competition, 2007.

"I did notice that the man whose turn was coming up at the cash register acted a bit strange..." This piece was adapted for a Toastmasters Speech Competition, 2006.

"She, like me, had no domestic skills, but: I had no domestic skills because I chose not to acquire any. She had no domestic skills because she did not need to do anything for herself."

In 1998 I wanted to share my experiences with undiagnosed depression and misdiagnosis. Little did I know that my simple personal "homepage" would become one of the internet's oldest personal website on depression, mental health, and emotional abuse. Early writings have appeared in an anthology of a graduate student's masters thesis, and my journey with and through this website have appeared in online channels past and present, including Beliefnet, Genetics & Health, and Hyphen magazine. Jane's Mental Health Source Page is now one of the web's voices on the deleterious consequences of "Tiger Parenting", with wounded cubs all over the world sharing with me their stories of childhood abuse and trauma from parental emotional abuse.