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Practical Leadership for Biopharmaceutical Executives
[2011 Elsevier]

A guide that strips away the theory and meets head-on the practical leadership challenges these executives face on a daily basis, and provides these “innovator leaders” with the tools to lead effectively in the face of technological complexity.

All Medical Science Liaisons Started with No MSL Experience
[2009 MSL-IQ]

This book focuses on a point: That every single MSL employed today did not magically come equipped with "MSL experience". Every MSL – before they became MSLs – faced the same objection that has tripped up so many new MSL job seekers today.

Quantifying an Intangible: Industry Survey of MSL Metrics
[2015 MSL-IQ]

This report distills primary- and secondary source collection with Medical Science Liaison Institute’s proprietary knowledge archives of field-medical program strategies and best practices.

Executive Primer to
Medical Science Liaison Metrics
[2015 MSL-IQ]

Primer of discussion points that MSL leadership and executive management should debate and consider, based on the life-cycle of their MSL program, and companies' objectives for having such a field force in place.

Field Medical Affairs/Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Magazine/Journal Pubs

  1. Certification for the Medical Science Liaison: An Idea Whose Time Has Come — or Not. Drug Information Association Journal 2011. (with Jimmy Black and Ken Massey)

  2. Do the Right Thing: A Masterclass in Working with MSLs. Pharmaceutical Representative 2011.

  3. Medical science liaisons: A look to the future. Journal of Medical Marketing 2008 [06/2008; 8(3):193-197] (with Peter Dumovic)

  4. Ensuring MSLs Stick to the Science. Off-Label Communications: A Guide to Sales & Marketing Compliance 2008/2010 Editions. (with Bruce Armon / Book Chapter)

  5. Measuring performance of field-medical programmes: Medical science liaison metrics consensus. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 2007 Jane Chin.

  6. PharmaVoice 100 Most Inspiring People of 2006: The Risk Takers / Dr. Jane Chin: What Glass Ceiling? (Archive)

  7. Chapter 9 The Role of Pharma’s Field Based Professionals in Patient Compliance. Patient Compliance: Sweetening the Pill 2006.

  8. Relationship, Risk, and Reinvention: Lessons from Field-based Medical Programmes. Journal of the British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians 2006.

  9. Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Off-Label Promotion. Pharmaceutical Executive 2005.

  10. Biotechnology’s Special Forces: Field-based medical science liaisons. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology 2004 [02/2004; 10:312-318]

  11. Training newly hired industry-naive medical science liaisons. Drug Information Association (DIA) Forum 2004. (with Anselm D’Costa)

  12. Marketing to Professionals: MSLs: Show the Value. Pharmaceutical Executive 2004. Jane Chin.

  13. Canaries in the Coal Mine: MSLs in Competitive Intelligence. Pharmaceutical Executive 2004. (with Ben Gilad, Ph.D.)

  14. Why liaisons lead to success in clinical trials. Good Clinical Practice Journal 2004.

  15. Medical science liaison training beyond box of books. Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (SPBT) Focus 2004.


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