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JANECHIN Change the World PHD

PhD Career Keynote

University of California San Diego PhD Symposium Keynote 2012

Bliss-Success 2008 NIEHS (online)

PhD Career Keynote

2008 National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Biomedical Career Fair Keynote

2012 PHD_How to Change the World

PhD Career Keynote

Draft version of one of the keynotes I'd given for an academic institution's annual graduate career conference.


9 Pillars of Personal Leadership janechin.pdf

9 Pillars

9 Pillars of Personal Leadership: Cultivating Your Personal Brand by Leading from Who You Are. (2014 LeadCap WorldWide Seminar)


Careers > Grow Your Value

What makes you valuable as an employee? 3 Questions to ask in developing your value as an employee. Actions and behaviors in cultivating value.

Resilience 2015

Careers > Managing Complexity

We cannot assume that our adaptation to stress is typically constructive. Human survival mechanisms tend to be constructive for self at the expense of others.

Performance Excellence 2015

Careers > Personal Excellence

Like all enclaves of people who have to spend a good amount of time together, there is ALWAYS an element of dysfunction even among the most functional of workplaces.